Elevating learning for a better tomorrow

Lumofy’s opinion on why corporate learning is a “need”!

Recent researches and surveys from McKinsey and Udemy respectively indicated two worrying and entwined facts about tomorrow’s workplace. McKinsey reported that 60% of global executives expect that up to half of their organization’s workforce will need retraining or replacing within 5 years. An additional 28% of executives expect that more than half of their workforce will need retraining or replacing. Furthermore, Udemy survey indicated that 51% of employees said they would quit a job that doesn't provide essential training.

In this increasingly volatile and complex environment which is driven by constant transformation, companies and leaders have a common responsibility which is to continuously assess and align their talent capabilities and practices to remain relevant to their business objectives. Thus, prepare them and potentially ensure their contribution to recent concerns and challenges their organizations face.

So, how is your organization taking action today to ensure you have the right talent tomorrow?

Briefly, to be able to foster sustainability, continuous learning programs can be used strategically across organizations to address workplace changes, boost employee engagement and increase necessary skill sets. According to Bersin & Associates’ “High-Impact Learning Culture” report, learning-driven organizations tend to be more efficient, create more customer value and market leadership, and report higher customer satisfaction.

To yield the real benefits in cultivating a learning culture and learning investment; you or your company have to:

- Nurture and instill a growth mindset in the organization that creates a habit of seeking new learning opportunities all the time.

- Enable employees to choose their own learning paths; it will help them connect the dots between coursework and advancement.

- Enable sharing knowledge behavior and mantra, where employees collaborate seamlessly, seek feedback and provide suggestions.

- Change the hiring strategy to find candidates that are intrinsically driven to learn.

We at Lumofy believe that learning attitude is the foundational element of growth and could be implemented in any organization that wants to embrace change and create an agile workforce that adapts to market conditions, customer demands and knowledge gaps.

A vivid example is the global software and technology solutions firm SAP which embraces the learning-as-a-way-of-life concept. “We define a learning culture as learning that happens anytime, anywhere, and anyhow,” says Manette Chadwick, vice president and COO, Learning Center of Excellence and Execution. “Learning is a mindset and a lifestyle, and for SAP, it is a key differentiator.”

We are certain that the market will leave behind who think that continuous learning is an option rather than a necessity. We urge you to think and rethink again.