Lumofy Learning Hub

Lumofy is an aggregated L&D solution for forward thinking organizations that are eager to change and
align their employees’ growth with business objectives.

The need of new skills and capabilities are growing; thus, we collaborate with you to diagnose your organizational behavior and define your needs and challenges through our psychometric assessment library. We create an immersive, scalable learning experiences that are relevant, timely and bilingual when and where it’s needed through all devices. We provide indispensable real time monitoring and reporting mechanism that will help you to analyze progress, proficiency and engagement of your organizational growth.

We are passionate to create lasting value, and we will help you grow a little more everyday.

We provide a range of diagnostic Psychometric and Aptitude assessments, that are accredited from international bodies and based on contemporary theories to determine the context and challenges of your organizational core competencies, and help you develop and sustain valuable talent.

We provide intuitive and adaptable learning experiences that are categorized and based on empowering competency capabilities. We have hundreds of ready-to-explore courses in our library, across a variety of categories. The courses are designed to address your business challenges and help you build capabilities to deliver lasting change.

We offer a broad range of E-book and Video libraries accustomed to providing the clients with additional learning resources.

We provide curated and compressed learning bursts across various of subjects in an interactive format that will expand learners’ knowledge.