Accelerate Digital Learning Program

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Lumofy helps you to create and sustain lasting value

We help organizations to diagnose their context, challenges and goals, and develop tailored learning experiences equipping them with skills and capabilities to drive growth

Our Methodology


We diagnose the organizations current capabilities and address the challenges through our Psychometric and Aptitude assessments.


We develop a learning benchmark to chart a path and lead your organization growth as per your strategic priorities.


We deliver scalable and/or customized learning experiences that sticks through various rolling-out strategies we implement, to continually ensure gradual engagement adoption.


We track, monitor and report the progress of organizational growth to ensure creating lasting value.

Key Features

  • A user friendly, simple and intuitive.

  • Anytime, anywhere platform.

  • Bilingual of the shelf courses.

  • Psychometric and Aptitude assessment library.

  • Knowledge retention.

  • Robust reports and dashboards.

  • Surveys and feedback.

  • Admin tool.

  • Personalized white label.

Trusted by smart businesses

I can proudly say that Lumofy has crafted and assisted EK Kanoo to implement a seamless “First of its kind” learning experience and platform to our employees. The assessments, elearning and the learning platform itself was of high quality and our participants found it quite engaging.

- Dr. John Mathew
Ebrahim Khalil Kanoo B.S.C

Lumofy are introducing a unique product with seamless customer support that reflects their dedication and professionalism. They established an unorthodox concept of corporate learning in Bahrain and we are happy to partner with them to unleash the potential of our human capital.

- Abeer Farooq
Seef Properties B.S.C.

The employee generally were accustomed to the conventional classroom training when considering self or career development. When Lumofy was implemented in YK Al-Moayyed, we experienced an increase in the training adoption and engagement with our employees and allowed us to centralize this function for the Group as a whole.

- Faisal M.Al Asfoor
Almoayyed & Sons

Lumofy exceeded our expectations with their Psychometric assessment tool that helped the organization to evaluate and identify the skill gaps of our workforce, map those accordingly to develop customized courses that tackles these challenges and help us to meet our organizational objectives for the long run.

- Mohammed Al Nooh
Al Nooh Wood Design

Lumofy approach created a learning culture in BuKamal, they integrated learning in the flow of work and at the point of need. They developed personalized learning experience for our employees that promoted skill progression and boosted learning engagement.

- Judith Pereira

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Trusted by companies of all sizes to improve the skill-set they need to prepare for the future.